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Did You Know?
  • Since 2009 the club has donated over $400,000.00 to Camp He Ho Ha.


  • Lions Village of Greater Edmonton Society has helped provide housing for over 1,000 seniors since it started.

  • Each year the Edmonton Host Lions Club typically organizes hot lunches for more than 4,000 hungry inner-city residents.


  • The Edmonton Host Lions Club built homes for returning WWII veterans.


  • More than 20,000 Edmonton Youth have visited the Telus World of Science as the guests of the Edmonton Host Lions Club.


  • Lions in Canada have recycled and given away 3,535,071 prescription eyeglasses.


  • Our club's first fundraiser was selling peanuts on the street for 10 cents a bag.  It netted $1,000.00 and helped finance the city's first daycare.

  • Lion Bessie Goldstick was an active club member until she passed away at 97.

  • Did you know that the Edmonton Host Lions Club raised funds to purchase the first pediatric operation suite for the Stollery Hospital a few years ago? The club raised $300,000.00 to buy all the specialized equipment needed. Prior to that surgeons had to use equipment designed for adults. 

  • The club built Lions Seniors Recreational Center turning the operation of it over to the city.

  • The club built and currently operates four residences for seniors in Edmonton.

Feeding the Hungry- Edmonton Host Lions has partnered with the Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples in Edmonton's inner city to provide up to 900 hot meals at a time for any persons in need on a monthly basis for over 20 years. This project grew to include partnerships with the Edmonton City of Champions Lions Club, the Boyle and McCauley Community Leagues and the Remand Center.  When a fire struck the church, we switched to serving meals using the Alberta Avenue Community League Hall.


Lions Personal Care Kits- Since September 2020, the Edmonton Host Lions Club has been creating and handing out Lions Personal Care Kits to those in need.  Items in the kit change according to need and seasonally.  Kits can include masks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, washcloths, soap, combs, shampoo, dental floss or other items a person might need.  During the winter months, the club has also collected and handed out hundreds of items of cold-weather clothing.


Edmonton Host Lions Club Science Discovery Program- Each year for 14 years the Edmonton Host Lions Club has supported field trips for inner-city schools to the Telus World of Science.  To date, the Edmonton Host Lions Club has sponsored over 30,000 inner-city or disadvantaged students with the program.

Teen Parent Support - For many years the Club has worked with and supported the Terra Centre. Terra is a non-profit organization that provides support and services that empower teen parents to succeed.

Subsidized Seniors Housing - Lions Kensington Court opened on November 10, 1959.   Lions Kensington Court is rather unique in that for over 60 years it has offered subsidized housing to Edmonton senior citizens without any government support from any level.  The project was initiated by the Edmonton Host Lions Club which created the North Saskatchewan Valley Foundation to develop, own and operate it.


Early Seniors Housing - The first Lions-developed housing project was the Highlands Sunset Cottages built and completed in 1936. Sunrise Cottages were completed in 1947.


Supporting Seniors - Central Lions Recreation Centre was built by the Edmonton Host Lions Club in1960’s and turned over to the City of Edmonton to operate. The Central Lions Recreation Centre is a fitness centre and gymnasium publicly accessible for people of all ages during public hours.  It has fitness equipment designed to begin or restart an exercise program, a gymnasium, a badminton or pickleball court with change rooms and showers.  Specialty classes on a variety of activities are also offered.

Current Seniors Housing - Since 1998, the Lions Village of Greater Edmonton Society has developed and operated three senior housing facilities with 266 units: Lions Village Castledowns, Riverside and Railtown. The Society has been able to adapt and evolve to meet the changing demands for programs and services and has grown from a small organization with a “dream” to a fully operational multi-million dollar organization. Envisioned as a “model” for seniors housing that has become a reality –quality housing that is affordable and sustainable. 

Supporting Children in Need - Creating the first pediatric equipped operating room at the Stollery Children’s Hospital.  When a club member realized there was no pediatric equipped operating room at the Stollery and little children were being operated on in adult theatres, it became their mission to get it done. They met with Stollery staff to research what they would need and put together a proposal with estimates for the various pieces of equipment plus a letter from Dr. Ayronyk and presented it to our Special Projects Committee. Her vision along with the efforts of our club members made the pediatric equipped operating room a reality. When all was said and done, Lion's total contribution of $300,000 was made possible by a grant made in partnership with LCIF.


Supporting Youth - Each year two Lions Legacy Scholarships are awarded to students who have graduated from one of five inner-city/low-income high schools.


Supporting the Hearing Disabled - Through the Lions Audiology Scholarship,​ each year the Edmonton Host Lions Club awards a scholarship in audiology at the University of Alberta.  This is awarded annually to a graduating student on the basis of superior academic standing in audiology courses.


Park and Spa at the General Hospital for Alzheimer's Patients - The Edmonton Host Lions Club donated $100,000.00 to refurbish the secure Alzheimer’s ward at the Edmonton General Hospital. This entailed a complete makeover in colour scheme, furnishings, and decorations creating a comforting spa-like environment for patients suffering from Alzheimer's.  Part of the money was used to create a comfortable room for families to meet with medical staff. 


Protecting the Environment / Lion Litter Clean Up- At various times of the year, members of the club have cleaned up various parks, schools and other areas in the city of Edmonton including the Telus World of Science. 

Supporting At-Risk Youth - Over the years the club has supported the Youth Empowerment & Support Services (YESS).  The club was able to donate 10 desktops and 10 laptops worth a total amount of $29,570 to YESS. For our 80th charter celebration, EHLC picked YESS as our charity of choice and made a pledge to donate $80,000.  The first $40,000 covered the cost of much-needed additions to the bathrooms, new flooring, and a complete makeover of the recreation room. The remainder of the amount went to repair the roof.

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